I, Eva Szabo Barna, the designer and creator of Evetke Wear. The name Evetke comes from a character in the 90s Hungarian comedy show L'art pour l'art. It was my nickname first, long before it became the brand name. I think the silliness and cheerfulness that inspires the clothes definitely originates from those years.
I graduated with an MA in textile department from MOME Budapest in 2008 and have been working on Evetke one way or another ever since. The brand was finally and officially born in 2008.



Only quality and limited edition stuff. I strive to produce the high quality that I would myself buy. I hand-pick the materials and hand-make them too. There is a great amount of care, love and attention that goes into all of it. This means an ever changing & small collection. And this is why it can take up to 2 weeks to make a certain item.



In collaboration with others. I have hands on help from Jelena  with sewing the base layers, while I do the finishing and detailed work. And I have grapic design support from Dodi Crazy :)